Swim A Kim A Day

By Brittany Aiono Join Me

Together we are creating a cancer free future

I’m fundraising for The Daffodil Day Appeal, to support advancements in life-saving cancer research.  

I wanted to celebrate being in remission by doing something in honour of those who have fought and lost their battle, those who have fought and won their battle and to those who are continuing to fight ♥️

Cancer as we all know it, has affected one too many of us way too many times. It’s taken way too many of our loved ones so I’m dedicating this Daffodil Day and the month of August to my loved ones.

For those who are unaware, I’m not able to walk long distances right now, but I can SWIM! So, I will be completing 1KM a day for the cause in hopes that we’re able to raise funds for more cancer research!

Your donations would mean the world to families who have been affected/are still battling BUT please don’t feel the NEED to donate. A simple share would mean the world to me ♥️

Dedicated especially to:

- My beloved Uncle, Sosaiete Lealiifano

- Our beloved Mama, Veronika Lofipo

- My Aunty Soloau Leuluai

- Mama Vaolilo Peapea

- My Aunty Ruth Togia’i

Sorry if I have missed out on someone. 

Thank you in advance for all the support. Truly appreciate it ♥️ Here’s to more cancer research!

Loves ♥️

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Your Babies Kamari And Amira

We love yahhh sister.. it’s been a tough road you have powered through just know we are always here for you 🥰🥰🥰


Fish Fries

Love you my FF 🤍



Amazing initiative. You’ll do great Brittany!!!


Tavaepule Muliaga

You got this sis 🏊‍♀️



I’m so damn proud of you, I love u very much

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