Palisade Daffodil Day Fundraiser

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Together we are creating a cancer free future

Goal 1 - MET!

Thank you to all who have donated so far! Your donations are greatly appreciated.
However, thanks to you, I have already met the goal of $1k I initially set! Ka-Pow! Target 1 met! So lets raise that bar and aim higher!
Target 2 - $2k

Get on board

Team PIMS and PIPL,

Let's all dig deep and help create a world free of cancer. Remember, any dollar donated will be matched by Palisade :)


We're fundraising for The Daffodil Day Appeal, to support advancements in life-saving cancer research.  

In late 2021, one of Palisade's employees was given a breast cancer diagnosis. While she had the support available around her from her family, friends and work mates, not everyone is as lucky, and they need additional help. 

That is where the Cancer Council comes in. They raise much needed funds for life-saving cancer research, cancer prevention and supporting people affected by cancer. They cannot do that without the generous donations of people like us. 

So let's all get involved by donating and providing hope for a cancer free future, not only for those impacted by cancer, but for all Australians. 

My Achievements

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Thank you to our Supporters


Darren Sexton

A great initiative Gyorgyi and your story and attitude is an inspiration to us all, awesome!


Will C


James Hann

Really pleased to support this Gyorgyi - your story is inspirational


Tim Ross


Karen Gould


Gyorgyi De Lange

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