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Educate your students about cancer this Daffodil Day!

Raising awareness is an important part of fundraising. Introducing Cancer Council's Daffodil Day and cancer in the classroom will help your students understand why and how they are contributing to beating cancer this Daffodil Day. Your class can show they care and make a difference to the many Australians affected by cancer.

Daffodil Day School Lesson Plans

We have developed engaging lesson plans for you to raise awareness of cancer and teach students the meaning of Daffodil Day within the school classroom.
These activities will help your students to gain an understanding of Daffodil Day and cancer, as well as communicating the importance of raising funds and taking on an active approach for charities now and in the future.

There are two lesson plans:

1.    Devise a Gardening Lesson to teach your students about the importance of Daffodil Day
2.    Introduce an arts & crafts Activity where your class can express the importance of cancer awareness by creating a unified ‘hope wall’

Students can also engage through the use of the following activity sheets:

1.    Colouring in sheet - students can colour their frame and draw who they will support this Daffodil Day. 
2.    Make your own Daffodil template - students can follow the easy instructions and use the template to create their own field of daffodils. 

Links to Board of Studies Syllabus

Our activity plan effectively aligns with the K – 6 Board of Studies Syllabus:
•    Social and emotional growth and development patterns
•    Encourages an understanding and valuing of self and others
•    Develop and maintain friendships and work cooperatively as a group member
•    Express needs, wants, feelings, ideas and opinions