School fundraising tips

Get the most out of your school fundraising efforts for Daffodil Day

Here are some quick tips, ideas and activities that may be useful in engaging your school or class.

Start early. Order your merchandise and start selling early. The more aware all the students are, the more likely they are to be involved.

Dress Yellow Day. Make Daffodil Day a 'Dress Yellow Day'! But be sure to send out regular reminders so that parents can help children with yellow clothes and give them a donation to bring in. Put posters around school, run a feature in the school newsletter, or announce the event on the school’s Facebook page.

Extra donations. Put donation boxes in prominent positions, such as at the tuckshop, to collect change.

Team up with an existing event. Organise your fundraising activities to take advantage of an event that is already happening, such as a school assembly, play, or sporting event.

Decorate the school yellow. Use the official Cancer Council posters or hold an art competition and feature the winning posters around the school.

Compete to raise funds. Have competitions between classes or year levels. Maybe your school could provide a reward?

Get creative. There are plenty of other ways to get students at your school excited about Daffodil Day. If you think of something new and different, we’d love to hear about it through our Facebook page.