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merchandise selling tips

Simple ways to give your fundraising a boost


Excited about selling Cancer Council's Daffodil Day merchandise but need some fun ideas to get you started? Here are some simple tips to help you raise funds and get people excited:

Start selling now – Don’t be shy. Set up your merchandise kit as soon as you receive it and sell throughout July and August. Keep selling until Daffodil Day on Friday 26th August.

Be seen – Now’s the time to stand out! Put up the poster supplied in your kit where it won’t be missed. Maybe hang it up on your office noticeboard or in the lift or somewhere it stands out. You can print off more from our downloads and resources section.

Spread the word – There are so many ways to let your friends and family know all about Daffodil Day. Pick up the phone, send an email to the office, text, tweet, or share on Facebook.

It’s all about yellow – Add to your fundraising efforts by hosting a yellow morning tea, a dress yellow day, or run a raffle with yellow prizes.

Daffodil sales challenge – For fun, you can even challenge your work colleagues to see who can sell more merchandise. It’s a great challenge because everybody wins!

Don’t forget – Have fun and remember to take lots of photos! Post on, email to and upload to your social networks using the hashtag #daffodilday


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