Workplace fundraising tips

Get the most out of your workplace fundraising

There are many good reasons for your workplace to get involved in Daffodil Day. Everyone knows someone affected by cancer, so joining forces for Cancer Council’s biggest fundraising event is a great opportunity to come together and help raise funds for cancer research, support, and services.

Daffodil Day is a great team building exercise that the whole workplace can get involved in. Make it fun by dressing in yellow, decorating your office space in yellow, or hosting a morning or afternoon tea. Use your creativity to think of ways to raise extra funds, such as asking for a coin donation to join in the fun. Contests are a great idea, you can even get your boss to be the judge, or turn the tables and get senior management to compete, with winners decided by the youngest team member.

We can supply you with all the daffodils and Daffodil Day merchandise you need for staff, customers or clients to purchase. There’s something for every budget, so everyone can afford to take part. We’ll also send you a resource pack with everything you need to run a successful Daffodil Day.
Here are some quick tips and ideas for raising money at your workplace:

Wear yellow. Encourage everyone to wear a daffodil pin or something yellow on Daffodil Day. Before the day, send out regular reminders. Organise a donation box in a prominent position of the office, and make several trips around the office to collect donations so you don’t miss people who aren’t at their desks. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to people you might not know yet.

Team up with an existing event. Organise your fundraising activities to take advantage of an event that’s already happening, such as your work or sport team meeting, an office celebration, or morning tea.

Decorate the office in yellow. Use posters and balloons to decorate your office and make sure there are plenty of daffodils around. You can download posters to print from our Downloads and Resources section.

Dollar-for-dollar matching. Ask your employer to support your fundraising efforts by matching the funds you raise.

Hold a yellow event. Why not organise your very own healthy Daffodil Day breakfast, invite a guest speaker, hold an auction, raffle or competition?