Kestie Morassi

Kestie MorassiWhy are you supporting Daffodil Day?

My role on Home and Away has given me the opportunity to get involved in the extraordinary charity that is the Cancer Council. I was asked to become a Daffodil Day ambassador and I was honoured to be a part of what feels like an army of people so deeply dedicated to the cause. My character’s journey on the show has given me some insight into what cancer patients and their family, friends and communities go through and I have gained the upmost respect for the way they cope and support each other.

So for me it’s a no brainer to support this cause.


With funds raised on Daffodil Day going towards life-saving cancer research, each daffodil sold could save the life of someone you love. How does this relate to you?

I have had family members and friends who have been affected by cancer. Some have passed away. Some recovered and are thriving. The support that was given throughout their cancer experience were invaluable. People must have a support system in order to be given the best chance of survival and the Cancer Council is a huge part of giving hope and support to everyone affected by this disease.


Why do you encourage people to support someone they love this Daffodil Day?

The funds raised during events like Daffodil Day are an absolute necessity to continue bringing hope, research and to one day create a cancer free future. Everyone we know has been either directly or indirectly affected by cancer and I believe it’s our job to band together and fight this disease. The Cancer Council gives us the opportunity to do this and gives us a really positive and exciting platform with Daffodil Day. It’s a wonderfully warm and uplifting event and it’s something everyone will feel good about being a part of. I certainly do.


Who would you dedicate a daffodil to this Daffodil Day?

This Daffodil Day I’d like to dedicate a daffodil to all the mothers out there affected by cancer. I honour your journey, admire your strength and wish you and your families all the love in the world.