Timothy Bowen

Timothy BowenWhy do you support Daffodil Day?

I support Daffodil Day because so many of those who are close to me have had their lives severely impacted by cancer, including myself. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Primary Mediastinal Large B-Cell lymphoma, a particularly rare form of non-hodgkins Lymphoma, at age 25. My sister, Clare, at just 4 years old was diagnosed with stage 4 Nephroblastoma (Wilm’s Tumour) and I have lost all of my grandparents to varying forms of cancer, as well as seeing countless friends of our family who have had to suffer through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. This personally means that Daffodil Day and the Cancer Council hold an incredibly special place in my heart for all the work they do to raise awareness and funds for such a just cause.


With funds raised on Daffodil Day going towards life-saving cancer research, each daffodil sold could save the life of someone you love. How do you relate to that? 

There are so many people in my life who have been affected by cancer. For me personally, I know that my sister and I wouldn’t be here without the research that has been conducted in the past. Being able to purchase something as beautifully simple and symbolic as a flower to go towards helping those in need and to make that research possible is such a touching sentiment. 


Why do you encourage people to support someone they love this Daffodil Day?

I encourage everyone to support someone they love this Daffodil Day because those that are standing by the bed side are the ones that make the most difference to those in need of their support. So much of a person’s recovery is in their mental state. As I know from personal experience, having friends and family surrounding you in a time of need is one of the most uplifting and comforting forms of support that one can receive. Whether it’s a silent vigil, a cup of tea, a simple note or a hand to hold, it all goes much further than anyone can ever imagine.