Barry Du Bois

Master Builder, Interior Designer and The Living Room presenter Barry Du Bois was stunned when he was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. He had lived with persistent neck pain for many months which he put down to the rigours of his ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle.

A trip to the beach with his brother changed everything. While surfing, Barry felt a sharp crack in his neck. The crack was a vertebra in his neck shattering due to plasmacytoma myeloma – a cancer of the immune system which attacks healthy bone marrow and had destroyed the vertebra at the top of Barry’s spine.

Barry immediately underwent surgery followed by intense radiotherapy, which saved his life.  “The cancer I’ve got is not curable, it’s something I’ll live with for the rest of my life”. He says his diagnosis has made him more resilient. “My journey from diagnosis to where I am now has been incredible. I realised really quickly that cancer can stop you in a hurry.”

Staying positive and enjoying time with his family is Barry’s priority. He believes his experience of cancer has motivated him to help others.

Barry has been an ambassador for Cancer Council for the last three years and encourages everyone to get involved. “I wouldn’t be here without the excellent treatment I received.”