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Cancer stories

Knowing about other people's personal experience of cancer can be a source of support and inspiration when you, or someone you love, is going through a cancer treatment.

Every day in Australia, around 350 people are told they have a life-threatening cancer and sadly more than 115 people die of the disease each day. Survival rates are increasing due to earlier detection and better treatment but we still have a long way to go. Your support helps Cancer Council’s vital work in cancer research, prevention and patient support to help all those affected by cancer in Australia.

Here, Cancer Council supporters share their stories:


I didn't know too much about cancer. I actually thought everyone with cancer died, but I was too scared to ask my doctor. 


In 2007 I nearly died twice. I had a job offer overseas so I bought a ticket to Spain and a new suitcase. Two weeks before I was to leave, a colleague noticed a lump on my neck. 


The achievements we have seen in Australia in our fight against cancer are underpinned by research.


I was lucky to have the support of the Cancer Council during my treatment. I contacted the Cancer Council early and they did a nationwide search for someone my age going through a similar experience.