david smith

I’m a researcher at Cancer Council NSW. I use statistics and surveys to uncover insights into human health. I specialise in prostate cancer. I personally know so many men and their families who have been affected by prostate cancer.

The achievements we have seen in Australia in our fight against cancer are underpinned by research. Our research includes improving our understanding of the causes of cancers, prevention, and treatment. We’re also interested in improving the quality of life for people with terminal cancers.

We have had many small wins in the past 20 years. The rate of people dying of cancer has dropped by 30 percent since 1995 because of the small improvements we have made along the way.

We are continually getting a better understanding of the causes of some cancers and therefore a better ability to prevent these cancers.

Cancer Council is mostly funded by the community. People like you donate 97 percent of Cancer Council NSW funds.  We rely on the goodwill of our donors to be able to undertake ground-breaking research. Our big events are really important ways in which we raise money.

I’m looking forward to Daffodil Day 2015. I’ll be up at the crack of dawn racing around in a white van dropping off merchandise at various sites around Sydney. My job is to ensure our fantastic volunteers have all the things they need to make the day go smoothly. We’ll be aiming for a safe, happy and successful Daffodil Day again this year.