Volunteer faq



What is the role of a Daffodil Day volunteer?

Your role as a volunteer is to sell merchandise and fresh daffodils to raise funds for Cancer Council. You are our advocate on the day, helping to promote Cancer Council and our cause. Our vision is to work towards beating cancer through prevention, treatment and support – and it’s the funds that you help raise that make this possible.

The roles available are:

Volunteer - a normal volunteer at a Daffodil Day site

Volunteer leader - responsible for the site, including other volunteers and ensuring safety of funds

Group - want to volunteer as a group? No problems! Fill out the form and we'll give you a call.

Organisation - want to volunteer with your work friends and do something great for cancer research and prevention? Great! Just select organisation and we'll work it out with you.

Whatever is needed - not sure what you want to do on the day? Select this option and we'll work it out for you.

Can I bring my friends or volunteer as a group?

Yes, you are welcome to volunteer with your friends, colleagues or as a group. All members of the group need to be registered as a volunteer.

What should I bring on the day?

We recommend that you bring water, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and wet weather gear (just in case). We suggest you leave your valuables and large bags at home, as there is no secure storage for these items. Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

What should I wear?

If possible, wear daffodil yellow clothing or accessories. Feel free to have fun with your clothes: yellow hats and feather boas are welcome, for example. You will be on your feet for most of the day and we want you to be safe, so wear shoes that are comfortable and enclosed.

Am I given a Daffodil Day t-shirt?

We love our volunteers, but we have decided not to supply t-shirts. We are saving those hard earned daffodil dollars for cancer research, prevention and support services. We encourage you to wear something yellow if you have it.

What time should I arrive at the stall?

We advise that you arrive at least five minutes before your shift starts so you have enough time to find the meeting place and/or stall, introduce yourself to the relevant site leader and sign in.

I am running late or can no longer volunteer. Who should I call?

We understand things don’t always go to plan: sickness, emergencies, late trains and so on. Please contact your State or Territory Cancer Council office to let them know. There is also a contact number in your final confirmation email – please get in touch with your contact to let them know if you’re running late, or can no longer volunteer.

What happens if it rains?

Daffodil Day goes on rain, hail or shine. The stall will be moved to an undercover location where possible. Check the weather forecast and dress for the conditions. You might need to bring a wet weather jacket, poncho or umbrella.

Who do I meet when I arrive at the stall?

Each site has a site leader. Introduce yourself and they will brief you on your role. If you are at a train station, you may need to undergo a short induction from the station officer.

Can I sell and roam by myself?

Please use the ‘buddy system’. Volunteers should always sell in pairs and stay together.

Do I need to bank the money?

No, your site leader will coordinate all banking so please follow his or her instructions.


Once you have regitered to volunteer, your local Cancer Council will be in touch to provide more detailed information closer to the day and will also be able to answer any other questions that you might have on the official day