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Daffodil Day of Hope Join Us


Together we are creating a cancer free future.

Daffodil Day of Hope

Every day so many people are affected by or know someone who has been affected by cancer.

For me personally, one of my closest friends Cath was affected. I now count my blessings to have this beautiful friend still in my life and are able to making memories together.

Help me raise more valuable funds this year. You can get involved by donating and providing hope for a cancer free future, not only for those impacted by cancer, but for all Australians.

Cath’s story:

Eight years ago, I faced a breast cancer diagnosis –

and am happy to say that I am a survivor. When I was going through my
treatment, I always remained hopeful that I would get to a stage where I would
be cancer free – that hope was driven by the amazing advancements that have
been made in the treatments available for women like me. The support offered by
Cancer Council Queensland was amazing and I made a commitment to continue to
give back and support the great work that they do.

  Fast forward six years and one of my close work
colleagues – Carolyn Howard, or Howie as we all knew her - received a cancer
diagnosis.  Unfortunately,
Howie’s story was not to be as positive as mine and on May 6 2021 she lost her
fight.  I had to try and generate some positive energy around such an
awful loss. I came across some information on Daffodil Day and the message of hope
and raising funds resonated strongly with me. 

I have now participated in Daffodil Day since 2021 and
raised over $40K last year and aiming for $50K this year, hosting the event as a
‘birthday party’ in honour of Howie.

Thank you for your support.

With your help, we're getting closer to a cancer free future

cancer research

Thanks to generous Australians like you, around $60 million is invested every year into world-class cancer research.

Support those
affected by cancer

Your donations fund access to Cancer Council's support services, so that no one need face cancer alone.

Prevent cancer
before it starts

Your support is invested in cancer screening and education programs that empower people to help reduce their cancer risk.

Thank you to my Supporters

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