Running for a Cure

By Natasha Slepica


Together our flower power is creating a cancer free future

I’m showing my Flower Power by fundraising for The Daffodil Day Appeal, to support advancements in life-saving cancer research.  

Every year, approximately 50,000 people die from cancer in Australia. In 2018, my grandpa was one of those 50,000 people. 

This month, my grandma turns 80 and many, many of these years she shared with my grandpa. She was the love of his life and she took great care in looking after him every day they were together and especially towards the end of his battle with lung and skin cancer. I know he would have loved to have been here to celebrate this milestone with us. 

So, to celebrate the cherished time they had together and the many more years we wish they had, throughout the month of August, I am going to run 100km in order to raise money for cancer research and treatment. In doing this, I hope that many Australians can beat cancer and continue to share and celebrate these milestones with their families, for years to come. I know my grandpa is so incredibly grateful for all the love and care my grandma gave him and would be so proud of her. We all miss him dearly every day. 

Please get involved and drive the Power behind the Flower by donating and providing hope for a cancer-free future, so that all Australians, have the chance to share many more memories with their families for years to come. 

With your help, we're getting closer to a cancer free future

cancer research

Thanks to generous Australians like you, around $60 million is invested every year into world-class cancer research.

Support those
affected by cancer

Your donations fund access to Cancer Council's support services, so that no one need face cancer alone.

Prevent cancer
before it start

Your support is invested in cancer screening and education programs that empower people to help reduce their cancer risk.

Thank you to my Supporters


Matt Weir

Happy Birthday bestie soz don't have that much money


Jackie Price

Hi Tash, your commitment is inspiring and Bob would be proud. He loved you so. Jax xx



You’re amazing!!!


Niamh Mcgivney

Ur amazing ❤️


Claudia & Annabelle Wendler

Fantastic effort Natasha - well done!


Aoibhinn Henderson


Millie Balcomb

You are my inspiration 🥰



this is amazing, Natasha!! ps miss you! xx



Love you so much girl! Proud of you and this goal. I say keep going. You are making a beautiful difference.


Your Babi Slepica

I love you lots and am very proud of you.


Grace Mcdonald



You’re amazing and god bless Much love xx


Sarah Loftus

Best of luck Tash & amazing job. You star xxx


Ella Schrijvers

Good luck Tash!!!!! Missing you and so proud of you xx



You are very inspiring and very proud of you Tash love you ❤️


Marcela Slepica

I am so proud of you I love you and wish you great running


Jade Stanley

You’re doing an amazing thing tashi!! love u ❤️‍🔥



Well done!


Sophie Jallian


Georgia Tomasiello



Tash Benham

very proud 💛💛


Janice Nyoto



Victoria Zhu


Lara Kerslake

So proud of you tash!💛


Yafaljna Close-brown

Proud of you Tash & best of luck lil sis 💛


Aoife Hickey

So proud of you girl xxx


Kiara And Nicole

Good work Tash, such a great cause


Maggie Carr

Go Tash!


Lissie French

Go tash!!! He would be so proud❤️ Lots of love always xx


Lauren French And Family

Good luck Tash! Great cause and your grandpa would be so proud. Xx


Natasha Slepica

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