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Meet Australia's brightest cancer research minds

Investment in research by organisations like Cancer Council has helped increase cancer survival rates to 69% today.

And, thanks to those who support us, Cancer Council is the largest non-government funder of cancer research in Australia.

For all that cancer takes, give this Daffodil Day Appeal, allowing us to continue funding life-saving research into all cancers. Thanks to generous donations from people like you, amazing advancements have been made in cancer prevention, screening and treatment.

Karen Canfell

Cervical cancer

Thanks to people like you, Australia will be the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer by 2035. 

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Personalised cancer treatments

Dr Madelé van Dyk is leading an Australian first research project aimed at perfecting personalised treatments for cancer patients.

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Associate Professor Alexander Swarbrick and his team aim to develop new immunotherapy strategies for metastatic breast cancer, thereby reducing the mortality of this disease. 

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Childhood cancer

Professor Joanne Aitken leads the Australian Childhood Cancer Registry, a critical Australian research tool driving major cancer research discoveries both here and overseas.

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